Sunday, April 17, 2016

Vinyl Records Revival & Record Store Day

After the introduction of CD’s, the consumption of vinyl records nearly halted. But along with the comeback of high-waisted shorts and retro chunky sneakers, came the return of vinyls. Ever since rock music was created, people were not only listening to records, people would hang them and their coinciding album covers as a decorative piece. Since the mid 2000’s when records became trendy again, people started purchasing a lot more and modern bands have used this as a marketing advantage. In the 20th century, most records were all black. Today, bands try to make their records unique and unusual as a sales pitch to entice people to buy the pretty looking one. When one of my favorite artists, Anthony Raneri, released a limited-edition record that was clear pressed with actual coffee, fans went crazy buying them and now I always think of him associated with coffee. Musicians weren’t always able to do that.